Colour Workshops in Sydney

Natasha lectures on the Psychology of Colour and Chromotherapy. Her Colour Me – Happy workshops explain how you can genuinely increase harmony, decrease stress and improve overall wellbeing through use of colour in your home, diet and wardrobe.

Many environmental factors affect our wellbeing and it’s important to be aware of what you choose to surround yourself with, especially when it comes to you home. Colour is a powerful tool that often gets overlooked or taken for granted. Chromotherapy is a complimentary therapy which can help decrease stress, increase harmony and wellbeing through the use of colour in your environment.

Otherwise known as colour therapy, Chromotherapy uses colour to positively influence one’s physical and emotional state. It’s a centuries-old concept – the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used coloured minerals, stones, crystals and dyes as remedies. Colour is a science and there’s a lot of research supporting it’s effects on one’s psyche.

Natasha says -“I’ve always been fascinated by colour and its influence on the human psyche. My talk is about the therapeutic use of colour and recognising your unique colour palette to enhance your everyday – from your home environment, to the clothes you wear, and even the food you eat. It all impacts on your wellbeing.”

In these workshops, learn how to moodboard, gather inspiration, understand colour combinations, use materials like a professional and how to tap into your creativity to make your own beautiful artwork.

Natasha has been teaching art in the community for 10 years and is a Masters Graduate from Sydney University. 

These classes are designed to suit all levels and you can attend as a group or an individual. No skills necessary and all materials provided.

Book your 2 hour Colour Me Happy Creative Workshop today! Special group price is $425 (for a group of 8-12 people).


Natasha Kowalski ran colour workshop at Minkara Resort which our residents thoroughly enjoyed. They gained a lot of great tips on enhancing their living space and working with the language of colour. We hope to have her back again soon’ – Nicole

Many thanks to Natasha for sharing and explaining her Acrylic Inks painting skills. It was so enjoyable and something even the most untalented and inexperienced (me) could enjoy – Sylvia

The class was both fun and enjoyable and well put together by Natasha, a very talented young artist. – Peter

Wow. The hour of great fun passed too quickly! Natasha is very skilled and passionate about colour and the art she produces. Her examples were amaze. In no time we were producing our very own Acrylic Ink art pieces. Thank you for sharing your skills with us and taking us on a journey of self-discovery – Ann

Since the first class, I’ve had more enquiries from residents who asked if they could come along. Natasha’s class is a fun, social and creative outlet for the residents and her enthusiasm, experience and skills were contagious – Sue

If you are interested in a colour workshop, contact me at or by posting a comment on my blog page