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Hey guys

I'm offering $10 off to kick off my new product line. This offer is limited to 1 per customer until 11 November. So don't dawdle ! Grab it while it's hot potatoes.

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Hot potatoes that I made for Halloween

Hot potatoes I recently made for Halloween!

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Exhibition opening success! Come see the works from 6-20 May at The Club, Mina Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi
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My sustainable fashion site is up and running.
VIDA believes in sustainable and fair manufacturing practices. They work closely with manufacturing partners to ensure all producers receive literacy classes and a fair wage, enabling them to build a better life for themselves and their families.
Please help me support this cause by purchasing a high quality silk scarf or top.

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Recently I was interviewed by a magazine on my typical day. This was a challenging interview for a few reasons: I don't have a routine, no day is ever the same, and I'm allergic to the word routine. I prefer to eat the 3 Cs for breakfast - coffee, chaos and creativity - it keeps me focused and challenged. 

By the end of the interview, I probably sounded like a sleep deprived maverick. Not entirely true. I need to be responsive and plugged in 24/7 when I Skype international clients. It's impossible to fit this into regular work hours.

After being online at odd hours, I have to be online at home. Lucky the Middle East has decent cross over hours. It also helps if you believe jet lag is a fable.

Yesterday was particularly crazy, as I was setting up for a solo show and had to collect easels from downtown. They were far bigger than expected, so I booked a taxi van. I love the ME but it was no surprise when the taxi didn't arrive. In true UAE style, I was stranded with 5 giant easels and security were starting to get suspicious. I had to activate problem solving mode and seek assistance. I figured, as it was a major tower with many delivery trucks passing through, surely 1 could help? And that’s exactly what happened.

After inviting myself into the loading dock, I ended up hitching a ride with a food van (very amusing on reflection). If only there were a couple of camels and falcons tied to the roof, I thought, that would be a winning story. And by the way, I have seen camels tied to the back of vans here, often driving at ridiculous speed on the freeway. You know you're not a local when you get overtaken by a camel transporter.

The guys in the food van found my story hilarious and loved my art. Needless to say, I now have friends, with a van, who can transport my art for future events. People are friendly and helpful in Abu Dhabi, which is what I like most about living here.

The rest of the day was spent curating the show and making sure everything was on track with catering and marketing. It was a non-stop day completing last minute details. Thankfully the opening was a success and everything ran smoothly (post easel debacle).

After the opening, I had dinner with my art agent to exchange notes and discuss strategy. She reminds me that my paintings aren't going to sell themselves (as much as I wish they would). My agent keeps my perspective grounded.

Then it was time to prepare for the next day, presenting my art at a networking brunch and preparing my studio for a photoshoot. I've never loved public speaking but there's nothing like 'having to do it' to improve your skills. Networking is essential in my profession. If I’m not appearing, I disappear.


On reflection, I had a couple of days where I didn't paint, which always feels a little empty for me. That said, I did a lot of networking, had adventures with imaginary camels and was commissioned to make a new artwork (thanks to my exhibition and art agent). Nothing to complain about. Except for a small problem, the commissioned piece needs to be A0 size (a paper size unavailable in the UAE). Interesting new challenge...


Now, try and find some sort of routine in that!


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Just dropped the latest painting at my framers! A2 size. @mensfashionblogger you’ll be seeing this piece in 2 weeks.

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I may or may not have a paint brush obsession? Need them all please ! #dalerrowney #abstract #painting #abstractart #abudhabiart #abudhabi #paintbrushes

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Sketch book session for business cards and logo. How many times have I scribbled my name today? Let’s just say it’s a 120 page sketch book…

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Bring on my new studio in Abu Dhabi! #abudhabiart #abudhabi #art #artshub #artstudio

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