Using colour to enhance your living space Posted on 19 Oct 12:30 , 0 comments

As we get older, health tends to become more of a focus. Many environmental factors affect our wellbeing and it’s important to be aware of what you choose to surround yourself with, especially when it comes to you home. Colour is a powerful tool that often gets overlooked or taken for granted. Chromotherapy is a complimentary therapy which can help decrease stress, increase harmony and wellbeing through the use of colour in your environment.

Otherwise known as colour therapy, Chromotherapy uses colour to positively influence one’s physical and emotional state. It’s a centuries-old concept – the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used coloured minerals, stones, crystals and dyes as remedies. Colour is a science and there’s a lot of research supporting it’s effects on one’s psyche.

So how can you use colour to enhance your living space?

You don’t need to be a colour expert to make some simple changes, nature provides us with an incredible colour palate. Plants naturally create beautiful pigments and the blue of the ocean and sky can have strong calming effects. I highly recommend using blue to increase harmony.

A bunch of flowers is one of the easiest and affordable ways to add vibrant colour and there are many plants suited to indoor living. Yellow is considered one of the happiest colours in the world, so try some yellow flowers to add a splash of happiness. Orange has been used for centuries as a healing colour and is recommended to improve lethargy and recovery from illness or surgery.

Try to introduce as much nature into your home as you can. For inspiration, visit your nursery or flower market for advice on what will work in your home. Do not buy synthetic flowers - they look plastic and suggest commitment issues. If you have anthophobia or have allergies, find another creative outlet, such as buying art.

I’m not suggesting artwork because I’m a painter and printmaker (ok, maybe a little bit) but investing in art will not only enhance your living space, but you have bought something that has a personal connection to you (and is supporting the arts). Please note, a poster or reprint is not art and is a bit like buying synthetic flowers. If you don’t fancy art, then consider removable wallpaper, there are some amazing designers out there. I’m calling it, wallpaper as a feature wall is making a come back!

When it comes to your home, I recommend choosing a classic style and neutral tones for large pieces of furniture, as well as neutral colours for walls, floors and ceilings - you will be free to add coloured items to enhance your living space without enhancing your credit card debt.

As we age, mobility and health issues may hinder our abilities to make significant changes in the home, but big changes are not necessary, keep it simple. A new blue rug with yellow cushions and a bunch of your favourite flowers will increase harmony and balance. A bunch of your favourite herbs in your kitchen will add therapeutic aromas and life to your cooking area. Work with achievable goals and within budget.