Who's Natasha?

Natasha Kowalski was born in Sydney, Australia and is a printmaker, painter and fashion designer. Kowalski completed a Fine Arts degree and a Masters of Design Science with distinction at Sydney University, Australia.

Her current works are titled Oceans, and are inspired by her sensory experiences in the Northern Beaches of NSW, capturing the emotions and colours on canvas. They are abstract landscapes using liquid acrylic inks to create multiple layers in combination with intricate patterns. It’s a sensory experience and a visual journey.

The art of colour is a science, we are surrounded by colour in nature and culture. In nature, animals use colour as a form of protection and attraction. As humans, colour and culture have always been inextricably linked, particularly in architecture and textiles. Artists have explored this for centuries and it’s strongly linked to human emotion.

Each piece explores the idea of tapping into the human psyche and being able to engage with the viewer on an emotive level, extending beyond the obvious to encourage curiosity and intrigue, connecting with the audience in a personal and emotive way.

Prints are offered for purchase online. Originals are much larger, vibrant and textural. They are box framed in white by a local framer who delivers to your door. Custom framing can be arranged. My pieces are designed to live in large modern spaces as a feature. I take commissions on request and work with you to create the ultimate lifetime piece - I come to you with a portfolio of original pieces, explore your living space and create my VIP vision piece especially for you.    

Contact me anytime natashakowalski@outlook.com or by posting a comment on my blog page.