Who's Natasha?

Natasha Kowalski was born in Sydney, Australia and is a painter, fashion designer and colour therapist. She completed a Fine Arts degree and a Masters of Design Science with distinction at Sydney University, Australia. Natasha lectures on the Psychology of Colour and Chromotherapy.

Her Colour Me – Happy workshops explain how you can genuinely increase harmony, decrease stress and improve overall wellbeing through use of colour in your home, diet and wardrobe.

Natasha says -“I’ve always been fascinated by colour and its influence on the human psyche. My talk is about the therapeutic use of colour and recognising your unique colour palette to enhance your everyday – from your home environment, to the clothes you wear, and even the food you eat. It all impacts on your wellbeing.”

She is also a printmaker and painter and regularly exhibits her abstract landscape paintings called Inkscapes. Her vibrant compositions are explorations on the psychology of colour and are inspired by nature’s elements, especially aerial views of Earth and Space.

Each piece explores the idea of tapping into the human psyche and being able to engage with the viewer on an emotive level, extending beyond the obvious to encourage curiosity and intrigue, connecting with the audience in a personal and emotive way.   

The art of colour is a science, we are surrounded by colour in nature and culture. In nature, animals use colour as a form of protection and attraction. As humans, colour and culture have always been inextricably linked, particularly in architecture and textiles. Artists have explored this for centuries and it’s strongly linked to human emotion.

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